Wisdom in Teams™

Unlock your team’s potential to sustainably perform & transform

Equipping leaders to navigate complexity and enhance team resilience, energy, focus and impact.
Programme Type

Leadership for developing High-Performing Teams

For Whom

Leaders, Managers and those in transition


Unlock sustainable performance in teams


Customisable: 2-3 days residential and/or a series of modular virtual sessions

Great leaders build teams that sustainably perform and transform

In today’s fast-paced world, teams must simultaneously excel and evolve to stay ahead. This dual challenge requires generating and maintaining the collective energy to tackle internal and external pressures—what we term as ‘Caring.’

It’s equally vital to channel this energy strategically towards impactful action, aligning with team and organisational goals—a concept we define as ‘Daring.’ Together, ‘Caring’ and ‘Daring’ form a critical balance, enabling teams to sustain high performance and continuous transformation.

The Wisdom in Teams™ programme enables leaders to enhance their team’s clarity, resilience, and strategic focus resulting in a positive ripple effect throughout the organisation. It offers actionable insights and tools that prompt leaders to ask pivotal questions for team growth and cohesion.

‘Caring’ is explored to bolster the team’s resilience and collective development, while ‘Daring’ is examined to sharpen the team’s engagement with stakeholders, increasing their ability to meet their goals.

Greater insights into the strengths and unrealised potential of your leadership style and your team’s performance.

Create a playbook with the tools, methodologies & frameworks to enable progressive high performance in teams.

Develop a personal actionable strategy for developing a team culture that sustains performance in turbulent times.

The opportunity to develop a peer network for ongoing exchange of experience and support.

Our alumni lead top organisations

Confidence and the pragmatic tools to immediately boost team performance

The programme evolves around six key questions and guides the participants in how to engage their teams in creating a culture of progressive and sustainable performance.

By applying the tools to their respective current context, in conversation with their programme peers, the participants gain the confidence to bring the tools back for co-creation within their teams.

How it fosters performance

1. Lead teams in the polarity of performing and transforming at the same time to stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

2. Enable teams to take ownership of living a shared vision and values to sustain energy and performance in turbulent times.

3. Create a team culture with the compassion and courage to make a positive impact.

Who is this for

1. Organisations looking to evolve a performance culture that is sustainable over time.

2. Organisations that want to build resilient teams that sustainably perform and transform.

3. Leaders and managers looking to grow their leadership capacities and capabilities in increasingly turbulent times.

Programme structure

The programme is structured in two integrated parts: ‘Caring’ and ‘Daring’ consisting of six modules that spell the acronym W.I.S.D.O.M.™

‘Caring’ is about leading in a team and is covered in three modules: Wellbeing, Inquiry and Security.

‘Daring’ is about leading as a team and is covered in three modules: Direction, Orientation and Momentum.

Addressing Caring & Daring™ coherently, enables leaders and their organisations to cultivate Leadership Wisdom in Action™ in their teams.

Tailored to fit context

The WIT programme is highly adaptable and can be customised for various needs and settings. It can be delivered in a residential format or virtually over a series of live sessions. Focus can be given to those modules most fitting to a leader’s or the organisation’s context. 

We can augment any module of particular significance for a specific team’s requirements to go deeper and provide additional resources. 

What our clients say…

One of the best training programs that I have ever had. Great personal insights and a deep dive into authentic leadership styles. Helpful references to a range of different sources and very practical and highly personal takeaways for each of us to apply.

–  Senior Executive, Insurance Industry

Even if I have been a leader for 15 years already, this course was a great boost to both my confidence and toolkit as a leader. I loved that the tools in the course are both powerful and practical, so I can use them with my team without much preparation and add value to many different aspects of great teaming.

–  Supply Chain Manager, Retail Industry

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