We help leaders leverage wisdom in their leadership to be a force for good in the world.

Over two decades guiding & supporting leaders in navigating complexity at FTSE 100 & 500 companies.

We empower leaders
& teams to sustainably perform while transforming.

Our proprietary programmes, methodologies and tools lead to progressive and sustainable performance. In all of our offerings, we act as your Companions, supporting you on your path as a leader, team, and/or organisation. We are always there by your side. Not imposing, but present and connected.

Companions for Leadership (CFL) helps organisations and their leaders unlock potential in people and their teams.

We guide leaders towards holistic success & meaningful change.

Reconcile sustainable performance and wellbeing

Deepen genuine engagement and sense of meaning

Bring meaningful adaptation and transformation

Empower progressive & sustainable decision making and results

How we work

The core principles making CFL a “companion” for leadership.

We enable leaders to capitalise on mutually reinforcing virtuous growth cycles that ‘synergise’ and can efficiently cultivate Leadership Wisdom in Action™ that powers progress for the many, not the few.

Multi-layered interventions

Transforming a human being or system is complex. No ‘one size’ fits all. We build journeys, as well as programmes, to ensure you find success.

Our approach is human-orientated

We work effectively with emotional intimacy, trust, creativity, and responsibility.

Curious and inquiring

We are profoundly attuned to discovery.

Open, facilitative, and emergent

To be truly transformative our work brings together direction, facilitation, and rapport.

Personal and Professional

We believe in growing the person while developing the leader

Needs-led, not model-led

Our work responds to your context and specific situations, not shaped by a rigid model.

Addressing all levels of the system

We support at individual, team, systemic, and/or large-scale organisational levels.

Leading can be, and probably will always be a lonely place.

It doesn’t need to be. Our companionship goes beyond the ‘trusted adviser’ or ‘coach’. It is a new paradigm for supporting organisational objectives.

CFL has accompanied leaders and organisations globally for decades. We have designed and delivered complex individual and team culture transformation work (reaching up to 150,000 people) for global corporations, as well as for governments, private companies and family businesses.

Wisdom has always been important in every human culture…

…it allows individuals, groups, institutions, and other ecosystems to meet, address, and respond to the challenges of Existence. This nexus of existence and experience is all about…

learning how to live & lead our lives ‘better’

Our essence

Wisdom in leadership for a better world.

We embody this essence by empowering individuals and organisations with the wisdom & insights they need to become compassionate, effective, and responsible leaders. We believe that by cultivating wisdom in leadership, we contribute to a better world where sustainable, human-centred, and forward-thinking leadership practices create positive impacts that ripple through organisations, communities, and beyond.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support people in organisations to live & lead their lives better.

Our Vision

We envision a world where leadership embodies wisdom and fosters transformative growth. In this world, both leaders and organisations thrive and flourish, driving sustainable progress and having a positive global impact.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rehumanise organisations by unlocking human potential to sustainably empower performance, progress, and growth for the many, not the few.

Companions to the world’s leading organisations.

We support purpose-driven leaders in rehumanising their leadership and their organisation

The experience, wisdom & footprint to support you at scale.

We have a global footprint with decades of experience. CFL partners with you in leadership development and organisational transformation, eager to enhance your organisation’s capacities and capabilities for sustainable performance and continuous evolution.

Join us

Looking for a purpose-driven future?

Join us in unlocking human potential and leading with purpose. Collaborate with visionaries dedicated to creating a more sustainable and compassionate world.

Ready to cultivate your leadership?

Discover how to leverage wisdom in your leadership, to unlock potential in your people.

Explore insights on human potential & purpose

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Leaders, The Shaman Of A Paradigm

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