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Discover how Leadership Wisdom in Action™ can empower sustainable high performance and a transformational culture.

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Rehumanising leadership means leading and organising more wisely.

Wisdom is an overlooked strength that will profoundly enhance, shape and transform your leadership from within. It empowers your unique personal and professional journeys to expand your existing wisdoms and to inspire new ones.

Too many organisations are struggling with recurring crisis, chaos and complexity at work.

New ways of thinking are needed to match the speed and complexity of today’s world. Our programmes enable leaders to respond to these challenges in new ways that support flexibility, inquiry and an ability to experiment intelligently. Leaders learn to navigate the unknown.


of leaders report either themselves or their team are at risk of overload, overwhelm and exhaustion


of organisations are experiencing leadership gaps


of employees say their personal sense of purpose is defined by their work and more important than pay


of employees are not actively engaged or are actively disengaged


of employees will quit due to a lack of appreciation


of organisations believe that leadership development at all hierarchies is important but only 5% have implemented some

Sources : Hack Future Lab, Gallup, Zippia, Haiilo, Mc Kinsey

Why does leadership wisdom matter?

Leadership Wisdom unlocks the inherent potential for leadership development in every human being. It is about awareness of self, context and your own transformation. If you are not developing, you risk sliding backwards. Development – as a person and as a leader – is a strategic imperative for us all.

Embody the change you want to create

Transform how you live & lead with Leadership Wisdom in Action™.

This is a lifelong journey to begin today. It rapidly expands and deepens innate, leadership-critical capacities and capabilities for leaders of the future.

Transformation starts within. Our programmes work with you, starting with you and your context.

Become a more a Caring & Daring™ Leader.

Gain new resources to navigate complex unknowns and transitions with greater insight, authenticity and presence.

Leadership Wisdom Framework™

The Leadership Wisdom Framework™ (LFW) is at the core of Companions for Leadership’s developmental DNA. It brings self-development and leadership development into a unified whole. LFW is the foundation of our programmes and these principles enable our programmes to develop both person & leader in new ways. LFW is a part of a new paradigm that we are bringing to the field of Leadership Development.

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We create meaningful impact at scale.

Our approach leads to meaningful impact by equipping leaders to navigate VUCA/BANI realities, fostering adaptability and growth. The Leadership Wisdom Framework™ encourages personal and professional development, shaping transformational leadership that energises and rehumanises your organisation.

Adapt and thrive in a VUCA/BANI world.

In an accelerating and complex world, the ability to respond adaptively and grow is truly essential. Grow your presence, even under intense pressure.

Expand and deepen your leadership development journey

Learn how to build and navigate your own unique Development Journeys in context – a crucial differentiator of any top leader in complex times.

Develop yourself and your leadership and rebalance Caring & Daring™ as a leader.

Progressive high performance can only be sustained by individuals and teams when Caring for people and Daring for results are intentionally balanced. This is part of Leadership Wisdom in Action™.

Unlock your innate and unique potential in new ways.

Be inspired by and join an emerging global paradigm of leadership that unlocks human potential for personal and organisational transformation. Be the change you want to see.

Harnessing more of your inner wisdom in your leadership can result in surprising impacts.

Leadership starts from within. It is essential to lead from the inside-out as well as outside-in.

For generations, the timeless principle of adapting leadership to the era’s unique context has been vital. Leadership Wisdom in Action™ is our contemporary answer to the enduring challenge of navigating the complexities of life, work, and societal systems, now compounded by new technological, environmental, and generational hurdles.

In this era, it’s crucial for leaders to continually develop themselves and their teams. This self-evolution is the essence of Leadership Wisdom in Action™. By tapping into and cultivating inner wisdom, leaders can steer through chaos with clarity and purpose, harnessing their potential, energy, and authenticity to meet daily demands effectively.

What our clients say…

The TLW programme helped me understand how I can visualise and apply my potential through deeper awareness. How I can become a better leader by being true to core values.

– Kelly Winchester, Withsecure, Director of People Services

One of the best training programmes that I have ever had. Great personal insights and a deep dive into authentic leadership styles. Helpful references to a range of different sources and very practical and highly personal takeaways for each of us to apply.

–  Team Leader, Consumer Goods Industry

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