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Unlock the transformative power of human potential.

In times of rapid change, the core foundations for generating energy are purpose and meaning. When cultivated and shared at scale, they become powers for all to dare more and embrace today’s challenges with confidence, courage and fierce resolve.

Cultivate progressive & sustainable performance.

Companions for Leadership helps leaders embrace complexity and navigate the unknown – supporting them & their teams to grow through it, especially in times of crisis and chaos.

Leadership Development

Sustaining progressive development – growing the person while developing the leader

We offer transformational leadership development programmes at various levels of leadership, with a particular focus on executive, head of function, and C-suite. The development of leadership wisdom is transformative, and it must be embodied to become effortlessly creative.

We focus on the experiential challenges leaders face when up-levelling their ability to sense, frame and respond in chaotic contexts, and on what the key developmental and adaptive pathways look like.

Purpose & Culture Transformation

Interventions fit for your context

We meet where your organisation is and support you in embedding a new way of being and working that drives sustainable and progressive performance. We draw on and adapt our extensive portfolio of methodologies and modules to provide the right solution to fit your organisation’s needs and ambitions.

We deliver global interventions in some of the world’s largest corporations as well as meeting the needs of a range of local enterprises. We help to foster a ‘Leadership Wisdom culture’ – we don’t use this exact language – and we describe it in ways that you can resonate with. We align with, adapt to and use your organisation’s language.

Team Wellbeing & Performance

Wisdom in Teams (WIT)

The nature of working in teams and systems has been changing rapidly. Teams often work in non-linear, networked, and fragmented contexts. Sustainable high performance in such contexts requires essential skills and capabilities that empower proactive and confident leadership.

Our W.I.S.D.O.M.™ methodology offers effective tools to help you lead in and as a team in today’s often overwhelming team environments. It takes you on a practical journey through six core needs any team must meet.

Learn how to integrate and balance ‘Caring & Daring’™ in your teams, and discover its transformative power for your leadership in teams and organisations.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Your leadership compass to effectively manage conflict and contradiction in a high-speed, complex and uncertain business environment

Whether you are an emerging leader, senior executive, or board member, we can help hone your leadership and functional skills to overcome hurdles to sustainable performance and impact.

Our customised Executive and Leadership Coaching experiences help to achieve crucial shifts and enduring changes from the inside-out, for true peak performance.

Our Leadership Coaching approach is based on the Leadership Wisdom Framework™, the best research, and industry-leading experience of coaching for leadership transformation. We address skills, deep development, and complex real-life ‘wicked’ problems or dilemmas.

We often include unique coaching technologies used by top athletes, top leaders, and top professionals who want first-class results.

Deep experience and capability at scale.

With global experience across decades, our Leadership Companions are by your side for your leadership development and your organisational transformation. We are ready to expand your organisational capacities and capabilities to sustainably perform and transform.


Mutlinationals served, empowering leaders in navigating complexity while thriving


Countries present, giving us deep understanding of diverse and nuanced cultural contexts


Years working on human transformation and developing purpose-driven leaders


Companions, thought leaders with business backgrounds, united by a bigger purpose

How our work impacts you and your teams.

You and your teams will go on a journey that embodies wisdom, purpose and transformation – merging unlocked potential with cultivated growth to redefine your leadership. By tapping into innate abilities and promoting sustainable development, you will experience profound transformation.

Potential Unlocked

Unleashing Innate Leadership Capabilities of All

We define ‘Potential’ as the innate leadership abilities and qualities present within every individual. We view people in organisations as reservoirs of untapped capabilities and developmental potential, not merely as resources. Everyone has the capacity to contribute significantly to the whole and greater good.

Growth Cultivated

Sustainable Leadership and Organisational Advancement

Organisations can only grow as far and as high as their people. ‘Growth’ entails establishing a leadership culture that capitalises on the mutually reinforcing virtuous growth cycle, leading to continuous and sustainable performance improvements for all. You will experience an integrated process that is adaptation-focused, human-centred, and growth-driven.

Purpose Engaged

Empowering Performance with Purpose

A clear sense of purpose empowers individuals, teams, organisations, and other ecosystems to come together as human communities to address the challenges of evolving realities. With “Meaning” you achieve a leadership culture where individuals are driven not just by the pursuit of more, but by genuine care and commitment for the ‘better’. It instills a deeper sense of responsibility towards the greater good. 

Transformation Activated

Catalysing Change for Lasting Impact

Transformation is not just a goal but a continuous process of becoming better, stronger, and more aligned with core values. “Transformation Activated” is where potential is fully unleashed, where growth is not only pursued but deeply cultivated, and where leadership becomes a way of being. You and your organisation will embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and lead with purpose and integrity.

Explore our transformational experiences.

Transformative programmes and journeys, tailored to align seamlessly with your organisation’s unique needs. Our programmes focus on leadership advancement, cultural transformation, team dynamics and individual performance – with an emphasis on modularity, interconnectivity and customisation.

Wisdom In Teams™️

Fosters team growth and performance, equipping leaders with strategies to navigate complex environments and enhance team resilience, focus and impact.

Self-Managing Leadership®

Find your compass, define your Purpose, Values and Vision as a leader for the next chapter of your life and career.

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    One of the best training programs that I have ever had. Great personal insights and a deep dive into authentic leadership styles. Helpful references to a range of different sources and very practical and highly personal takeaways for each of us to apply.

    –  Team Leader, Consumer Goods Industry

    We successfully applied your process in our merger integration in small and large settings and applied the follow up techniques as well, which use modern enterprise-social networking tools to deliver true breakthrough results with very high quality and agility to shape our new culture.

    –  Senior Vice-President, High-tech Industry

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    A Call To Adventure

    A Call To Adventure

    Without knowing it, my quest for purpose started one sunny afternoon in the back garden of a small house in Aix-en-Provence in southern France. It was spring, and I was 20 years old. I had finished military service and then spent an exciting and fun winter skiing in...

    Evolution Of Me

    Evolution Of Me

    Chapter 1. Love.  My brother was swimming when I was 5, and my father was taking me to the swimming pool, too. From time to time he was taking me to the small kids’ pool, and I was showing to him how well I could swim. I noticed how adults swam, waving their hands as...

    Life Changing Situations

    Life Changing Situations

    There is a flower that means a lot to me. The sunflower. Read its name. Sunflower. A flower to the  sun. “Tournesol” is the French name for sunflower and it literally means “turning to the sun”. In  reality, sunflowers are always turning their heads to where the sun...

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