Transforming Leadership from Within™

Lead your own transformation,
to transform your leadership.

Create your unique leadership journey for purposeful, relevant growth in a rapidly changing world.
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Unlock your innate wisdom to enhance your energy and effectiveness

For Whom

Senior Executives, Managers and those who want to live and lead their life better


Transformed leadership: you understand and master your own development pathways


Customisable: 2-3 days residential, virtual or hybrid plus virtual integration sessions

Transform your leadership: master your development journey.

Leading in our increasingly complex world is often exhausting and overwhelming. Attempts at ‘organisational transformation’ often fail to address the human component, and rarely unlock the full potential of leadership and teamwork.

Understanding and owning your development journey ensures your developmental endeavours are always relevant to your role and context. This is part of leadership wisdom.

“TLW is the most powerful programme ever. For me, a pause and reflection to fuel and anchor in my true self as a human and as a leader. A programme that any leader should do.”

Aurelie Nicot, Allianz Partners, Global Head of People CoE

This programme equips and empowers you with practical tools and deeply relevant insights into your developmental journey. You will embrace a new relationship to what transformation means for you and your leadership.

This experiential programme is a developmental journey which can be taken ideally in 2 intensive days,  3 more spacious days, or as a series of modules over a period of weeks or months. Format and delivery are modified to precisely meet your specific context and objectives. It can be tailored in language, structure and scope to meet almost any organisational setting and need.

The core outcome of the programme is empowered leaders who take ownership of their leadership development journey and are able to integrate this with their personal growth and leadership roles.

Participants will experience:

Space to reflect and identify untapped potential, development needs and opportunities.

New ways to connect to unique ‘inner wisdom’ in profoundly relevant and energising ways.

Insights to find their own specific development journeys, and to walk them in simple ways.

Life-changing tools to build and sustain new leadership development journeys, into the future.

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Our alumni lead top organisations

Overcome intense pressure by developing your Leadership Presence.

Transform your relationship to ‘transformation’.

Transformation is everywhere! It happens to you, but it can also happen for you. Working effectively with a ‘transformation agenda’ in teams or organisations means, first, understanding the workings inside yourself.

Transforming Leadership from Within™ (TLW) equips leaders to be future fit, to handle rapid change and complexity – a unique pathway to authentic presence under intense pressure.

One crucial concept you will unlock is your own Leadership Wisdom in Action™, drawn from an innovative adaptive, developmental, and humanising framework that has your own journey right at its heart and core.

Programme outcomes

By the end of this programme, you will have:

  • Revisited your leadership journey to date.
  • Learned to own and master your own leadership development including knowing how to identify – for yourself, in context – the most relevant ‘next step’.
  • Understood and deepened your relationship to ‘transformation’, starting with you.
  • Uncovered and unlocked new sources of energy, fulfilment, and connection.
  • Discovered and deepened experientially your Leadership Wisdom in Action™, and explored the simple art of turning leadership challenges into developmental ‘gold’.

Who is this for

The programme fundamentally deepens a leader’s connection to their own leadership development process, tools, strategies and journey. As such it provides a necessary ‘waypoint’ for a leader to experience. 

Effective for individual leadership development, enhancing senior team communication, collaboration and performance, leadership cadre initiatives, and driving whole-organisation transformation agendas.

TWL is effective in these circumstances: 

  • Significant transitions or change, like a new strategy, a personal crossroad, or a key decision to make. This programme provides a compass and great tools to support effective personal navigation.
  • A leader, leadership group, or team needs to meet new organisational demands or challenges and build relationships.
  • Leaders preparing for senior roles, and needing a path to ongoing maturation, resilience, vitality, sustainable high performance, and ways to understand development in themselves and other people.

    Transforming challenge into opportunity

    Building a learning organisation.
    It takes more than ‘learning moments’, or innovation. It takes a ‘transformation from within’ experience. A true learning organisation is one in which leaders understand how to create relevant, authentic development journeys.

    The ‘great resignation’ and ‘quiet quitting’.
    Turnover, engagement, morale, creativity, motivation, overwhelm, burnout: an organisation must respond humanely to today’s human challenges. Exploring your own ‘inner wisdom’ can release fresh purpose, energy, resilience, fulfilment, connection, confidence, and much more.

    Revolutions such as AI.
    As AI evolves across industries and applications, the uniquely ‘human’ aspects of leadership will become increasingly important. Technology is penetrating working practices and organisations with unprecedented speed. It is more essential than ever for leaders and organisations to take the ‘human’ dimension seriously.

    Programme curriculum

    The TLW curriculum is both intensive and spacious; both informative and practical:

    Module 1
    Revisit your leadership journey, context and challenges. Identifying untapped potential.

    Module 2
    Exploring your key and potentially lifelong development opportunities, uniquely your own.

    Module 3
    How to make your own leadership development journeys purposeful and relevant.

    Module 4
    Integrating your learning with practical, relevant, purposeful action steps.

    Module 5
    Reviewing, applying, and deepening your learning and its implications for your life.

    What our clients say…

    The wisdom of the TLW helps leaders to successfully navigate the highly disruptive, competitive and unpredictable world in which organisations operate today.

    –  Programme Participant

    Transforming Leadership from Within is a powerful, introspective programme that involves self-discovery, personal growth, and the development of key leadership skills and behaviours. It lays the foundation for effective leadership in broader contexts, whether it be leading teams, organisations, or communities.

    –  Programme Participant

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