Committing to a leadership that powers progress for the many, not the few

May 11, 2023

At Companions for Leadership, our paradigm of Leadership Development is based not on climbing a rigid linear ladder of pre-defined steps but on serving wiser leaders at all levels of the organisation who are truly caring, daring and progressive in their developmental understanding so that they create the conditions for results that last and organisations that can thrive. These are leaders who can sustain both performance and development through and for all.

The Leadership Wisdom Framework is a new vision of ancient ideas integrated into an innovative, holistic logical structure illuminating what Wisdom is and its developmental pathways.

The Leadership Wisdom Framework sees Wisdom in a suitably sophisticated way to fit today’s peculiar contexts. It is a novel articulation of the structure of Wisdom, setting out an infrastructure that differentiates everyday wisdom (human characteristics), from leadership wisdom in action (leadership attributes), and giving insight into how all of us, beyond traditional hierarchical structures, can empower extraordinary results in circumstances of extraordinary complexity, crisis or chaos.

Leadership Wisdom is a cognisant, coherent, developmental response framework that empowers continual adaptive transformation. It is an integrated growth process fully human centered, progress and adaptation focused. It is all about sustaining the relevant shifts and developments of your people Mind set (daring) and Heart set (caring).

Leadership Wisdom in Action holds us in a ’between’ space with functions, qualities, capacities and capabilities that help us to meet Reality (as it is) and receive our Experience of it (as we are). Thus, wisdom empowers performance and ongoing leadership developments.

The Leadership Wisdom Framework enables all in the organisation to capitalise on mutually reinforcing virtuous growth cycles that ‘synergise’ and can efficiently cultivate Leadership Wisdom in Action that powers progress for the many, not the few.

We believe that wiser leaders across all layers of the organisation have greater capacity, confidence and commitment to continually reframe ‘success’, ‘growth’ and ‘development’ in the context of their current core purposes and with due regard for medium and long-term horizons.

Cyril Legrand & Dr. Philip Hayton

Cyril Legrand

Partner & Leadership Companion, France

For over 20 years, Cyril has worked for large consumer-goods organisations especially in Asia, developing people and teams, and steering diverse groups successfully through tumultuous times. His ability to unite and transform, in situations of extreme pressure, has earned him a reputation of being a highly versatile and capable leader. Cyril himself has a thirst for knowledge and a belief in self-discovery and progress. He practices what he preaches – “collaborative action based on collective wisdom”. He has developed a range of highly effective leadership models and frameworks, and hugely enjoys the challenges that his work provides, often helping students on a pro-bono basis to address critical development issues.   

Dr. Philip Hayton

Partner & Leadership Companion, UK

Philip’s passion in vocation comes from a belief in (a) the wisdom held in each person and whole system and (b) that this key quality is a foundation for all creative outcomes, innovative progressions, and meaningful transformations that may unfold. Philip’s expertise (if that’s the right word) is partly his ability to look carefully at the relevant levels of a complex human system (person, family, group, team, organization, societal institution, etc.) to see and release its latent wisdom and capacity to thrive. Philip’s orientation is holistic – somatic, emotional, intellectual, behavioral, relational and strategic - naturally encompassing what some call ‘spiritual’ as integral to the fullness of a human being. Philip puts his expertise in service to such an orientation.  

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