Leading complexity in chaos and crisis – the emerging need for a leadership wisdom culture

May 3, 2023

Would you agree if I say that wisdom is THE defining characteristic of what it is to be human. If so, wiser leading implies rehumanising leadership and organisations. When people, leaders and companies say they want us to be healthier, more humane, compassionate, or productive, they try to get us back in touch with the basic aspects of our humanness – to a more natural state in harmony with our truer, deeper nature. Wisdom.

Wisdom has always been important, in every human culture – it allows individuals, groups, institutions, and other ecosystems to meet, address, and respond to the challenges of Existence. This nexus of existence and experience is all about learning how to live and lead our lives ‘better’.

The challenges of Leading nowadays present an overwhelming array of issues, problems, dilemmas, tensions, and paradoxes. Effective and sustained navigation of the unknown along such permanent crisis and chaos could be the most difficult and important challenges facing leaders today if we are to protect, nurture and unleash individual and collective futures.

Most organisations have the knowledge and the know-how to operate, but, as you may have experienced, this is not enough anymore to sustainably perform and transform. There is an emerging imperative to find new and robust ways to nurture and cultivate a wisdom culture where leadership wisdom is the embodied development of greater capacities and capabilities for leaders and organisations to better Care and Dare.

A leadership Wisdom culture capitalises on Collective Wisdom, it is not just the additive sum of a collection of ‘wiser leaders’, but a culture in which they’re empowered and enabled to bring about the kinds of transformational, developmental and adaptive processes and outcomes that would otherwise remain invisible or seem impossible.

Leadership Wisdom has been for too long the forgotten component of effective leadership. With our core intent and vision to rehumanise leadership and organisations, let’s embrace together a new leadership paradigm – Leadership Wisdom in Action.

Cyril Legrand

Partner & Leadership Companion, France

For over 20 years, Cyril has worked for large consumer-goods organisations especially in Asia, developing people and teams, and steering diverse groups successfully through tumultuous times. His ability to unite and transform, in situations of extreme pressure, has earned him a reputation of being a highly versatile and capable leader. Cyril himself has a thirst for knowledge and a belief in self-discovery and progress. He practices what he preaches – “collaborative action based on collective wisdom”. He has developed a range of highly effective leadership models and frameworks, and hugely enjoys the challenges that his work provides, often helping students on a pro-bono basis to address critical development issues.   

Dr. Philip Hayton

Partner & Leadership Companion, UK

Lasse is a specialised consultant in culture change, leadership development, teambuilding and executive coaching. He has devised a number of transformation and culture change projects, strategy & refocusing workshops, coach the coach programmes. Lasse is an appreciated keynote speaker in the field of leadership and change. His ability to engage an audience with his authentic style and story-telling ability has led him to speak around the world including with and for the Mexican Government and top leaders in the Attorney General Office.

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