Innovating leadership to break down silos in a global dairy leader

Context and Objective

A globally renowned dairy company sought to develop a leadership model that would not only resonate with its rapidly expanding and diverse workforce but also embody the company’s foundational values.


The primary goals were to:

  • Craft a leadership model tailored to a dynamic, growing company.
  • Cultivate a leadership-driven culture that sets an example for all employees.
  • Implement discreet, effective monitoring to bolster group performance.
  • Create an attractive workplace for exceptional talent.

Strategy and Execution

Phase 1: Development

Collaborative Design
Initiated by establishing criteria to maximise company-wide engagement. Teams were encouraged to share insights and practices for developing effective leadership models.

Facilitated interactive workshops with HR and key stakeholders from various sectors to collaboratively design the leadership model. This approach ensured broad engagement and commitment.

Commitment and Training
Finalised the leadership model with input from an informal, cross-level leadership group. Local HR teams were trained to facilitate focus groups, fostering widespread ownership and preparing them to champion the model’s rollout.


Phase 2: Deployment

Strategic Communication
Conducted a design lab with HR and Communications to finalise deployment milestones and refine core messaging.

Peer-to-peer Support
Established a support network of trained facilitators to encourage peer engagement and model adoption.

Consolidation and Support
Implemented regular, non-intrusive monitoring sessions to ensure seamless integration of the model across the company.



Rapid Adoption
Successfully introduced and integrated the leadership model throughout the company, aligning all HR processes with the new framework.

Positive Leadership Influence
Senior leaders demonstrated exemplary behaviour, embodying the principles of the new model.

Engaged Workforce
The model was met with enthusiasm, with many teams volunteering for early adoption and actively participating in its dissemination.

Cultural Transformation
The project not only introduced a new way of working but also fostered a culture of collaboration and co-creation, now ingrained as a standard practice company-wide.

Unified Company Culture
The initiative bridged diverse groups and backgrounds, cultivating a unified, engaging company culture committed to living the new leadership model.

Targeted and collaborative efforts yield a leadership model that not only meets the needs of a diverse and growing company but also fosters a culture of engagement, leadership, and unity.

“With a new leadership model, we are breaking down the silos to better serve our customers”

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